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(1) Chinese Learning Program

The program is offered by School of International Culture and Exchange. The default choice of instruction Language is Chinese. Student will have a placement test upon arrival.

(2) English Track (IMBA)

Due to curriculum adjustment, there will be no IMBA program at Lanzhou campus, and the program at Shanghai campus is for part-time students. The full-time IMBA program is under preparation at Nantong campus. You can apply when it's available.

(3) Summer School

Not available now

HOW TO APPLY           

Please click Online Application to submit your online application. You may refer to the Guide for detailed instruction.


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Foreign citizens must obtain a Chinese visa before entry into China. The types of visa for students are X1 and X2 which depends on your length of study.                                                                         

 (1) X1: Issued to those who intend to study in China for a period of more than 180 days.

 (2) X2: Issued to those who intend to study in China for a period of no more than 180 days.