Fight COVID-19, We Are in It Together

Author:Li Yanxia, Chenqiang, Lu Jing Translator:Ma Peipei Source: Reviewer:Wang Xuejun View: Updated:2020.02.29 Font Size:T T T

Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus, or COVID-19, LUSM has been actively taking part in the battle and doing maximum possible efforts to prevent the virus from spreading on campus and contributing wisdom and strength to the whole anti-epidemic work in China.

Online Health Punch-in System

When delayed the opening of the spring semester, and made it clear that students and faculty are not allowed to return to school before the official start date, LUSM leaders and staff have been working together to get hold of the information of students and faculty’s health condition and whereabouts. After the heath punch-in system came online, the school has allocated 2330 postgraduate and 1247 undergraduate students to above 10 staff to be responsible for reminding and requiring the whole members of LUSM to punch-in in every day, and arranged technical staff to check the status of students, faculty and staff, learning about their conditions in real time.  

Online Teaching and Learning

Despite the difficult and challenges posted by the virus and the delay of semester, LUSM faculty and students have been working hard to minimize the influence and ensure teaching and learning activities through alternative ways. Since February 12th, faculty have been using various online platforms to carry out teaching. Till now, 149 undergraduate courses and 11 academic master’s courses have been opened. The school has been monitoring the online teaching and faculty have been communicating and exchanging experience to achieve the best teaching effect and provide students with the best online learning experience.

In the special time, online learning has inspired teachers and students to rethink the relationship between teaching and learning and promoted them to actively adapt to the development trend and jointly explore the new educational mode brought by scientific and technological innovation.

Wisdom Support

To provide decision-making support and countermeasures for improving the national governance system and social management capacity, LUSM faculty have used their professional advantages to carry out special researches on the prevention and control of novel coronavirus. The articles written by Professor Bao Guoxian, “Building Epidemic Management System with Effective Government as the Core”and Professor Jia Xudong, “Entrepreneurs’ Capacity Improvement in VUCA Era”have been included in Buck the Trend and Breakthrough, Advice from 56 Management Scholars, which was written by 56 top scholars in management community in China and published by China Renmin University Press providing advice for epidemic prevention and control as well as economic and social development during the period. Professor Sha Yongzhong’s “Towards Interdisciplinary Area of Management, Public Crisis Information Management”has published in Library and Information and included in China Social Science Excellence.

LUSM teachers have conducted in-depth researches on practical issues of public governance and enterprise management, giving full play to the role of think tanks, and contributing wisdom to social and economic development.

Student’s Contribution

With the appearance of coronavirus, LUSM students have been following the development of the situation, making contributions to the anti-epidemic efforts. LZU MBA Union, Guangdong Branch has launched a donation initiative, which has been responded by 241 students. More than RMB 95,000 Yuan has been donated to the First Hospital of Lanzhou University and Huang Gang Central Hospital. Li Xiao, LUSM undergraduate student, who has started his own business last year, has donated 15 computers with the value of RMB 58,500 Yuan to the health commission in his hometown, Qingyang City. Meanwhile, more than 30 LUSM students like undergraduate students Wu Lin, Su Qiancheng, Wu Linji, postgraduate student Song Tienan have volunteered to work for their community to help take temperature, promote virus prevention knowledge, register personnel, vehicle, etc. taking responsibilities bravely and contributing their strength to this battle.

Facing this public health emergency, no one can stay out. But we will stand firm and together we will overcome this challenge.

Emotional Support for Overseas Partners

As the COVID-19 spreads increasingly worldwide, LUSM has been following the development of the pandemic in its partners’ countries and sent emails to colleagues and friends there expressing concern, support and best wishes. Except appreciation of the warm notes and support from LUSM at this difficult time, LUSM partners, colleagues and friends have introduced situations and measures taken by their universities and governments, shared their thoughts on ways of future education and the importance of great leadership, etc.    

Social distance does not mean emotional distance. By standing together as a community, with friends and colleagues across the world, we are so much stronger. All shall be well and one day we will visit each other again.