Careers Service, Continuing its Mission during COVID-19 Crisis

Author:Huo Da Translator:Yan Xuefei Source:Student Affairs Office Reviewer: View: Updated:2020.04.13 Font Size:T T T

The current situation of COVID-19 pandemic has been causing the uncertainty and confusion for graduates who are job-hunting. Since February, by mobilizing all resources, LUSM has kept efforts in offering graduates the careers advice and service via multiple channels and through various ways.

Drawing a Full-view Picture

To figure out the real time amount of underemployed graduates—172 for undergraduates, and 114 for postgraduates—is the key session to carry out the career service. Since the beginning of February, student advisers have gradually set up a dynamic system to record related information for each underemployed graduate, with the purpose of getting to know their job intentions and difficulties encountered. Based on these efforts, 75 faculty and staff have joined in the careers service, including all school administrators.

Taking an Active Stance

All school offices have worked together to make full use of the resources inside and outside, promoting the careers service in an all-round way, such as career counseling, interview guidance, resume assessment, psychological counseling, job recommendation, experience sharing, and so on.  

“Meeting of Minds”--- deepen the careers education

Meeting of Minds” is an online platform for alumni for sharing thoughts of alumni, jointly introduced by the Executive Development Program (EDP) Office, and Alumni and Careers Service Center in LUSM since the beginning of March. On March 29, the third “Meeting of Minds” invited 8 alumni working in HR department in public and private sectors, to discuss the employment trends and recruitment plans this year, and the topics like “the best graduates in the eyes of enterprises”. 

Build a direct bridge from graduates to alumni

On March 31, the Alumni and Careers Service Center, on behalf of all 2020 graduates, issued a letter to all alumni, to further expand the recruitment sources. On the same day, more than 10 recruitment plans have been received from alumni, and some graduates have Preliminary reached the agreement with the employers.

Share experiences on the postgraduate enrollment test

For those graduates who choose to further their study, LUSM invited several alumni pursuing their postgraduate studies in several national key universities, to share their valuable experiences on the enrollment test and interview through online meeting platform.

Offer free English-training by New Oriental

From February to April, New Oriental, known as the famous English-training agency, has provided the free online courses to students in LUSM, involving more than 200 students in. 

Send recruitment information to targeted group

On the basis of the underemployment records system set up by the school, particular recruitment information could be sent to targeted student/group through online communication applications every day. 

Thoughtful delivery service   

Since the campus has been closed for several months, some graduates are worried to get their important personal belongings left in dormitory. After collecting the needs from the students, the school arranged to claim the things and deliver them to the calling students. Besides, for graduates, the school also prepared all job-searching documents issued by the University and mail to them directly.