Two Cases of LUSM Were Approved by CDGDC's Special Project

Author:Shan Feifei Translator:Ma Peipei Source:MPA Education Office, Case Study Center Reviewer: View: Updated:2020.07.20 Font Size:T T T

The prevention and control of COVID-19 and “decisive battle against poverty” are two of the major decisions and plans of the Central Committee and the State Council. In April 2020, China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Development CenterCDGDCbegan collecting papers on the two subjects in certain universities and colleges with the goal of gathering top experts from top institutes, adopting chief expert responsibility system to develop a number of high-level and key-theme cases to serve the modernization of the national governance system and capacity and building of a community of shared future for mankind. Recently, CDGDC has released the application results, according to which 87 cases from 25 institutes were accepted. Cases of LUSM faculty Prof. Wang Xuejun and Prof. Shan Feifei and their team were recommended by the university to apply and both were approved.

Titled Medical Resource Allocation in Prevention and Control Of COVID-19: How Can Family Doctors Accomplish the Great Task with Little Resources, Prof. Wang and his team plans to take family doctors who has worked in the front line and participated in epidemic prevention and control and provided services for the community in various forms during the outbreak as research subjects. Illustrate how family doctors as the link could promote the optimization of governance factors under abnormal times and explore feasible path for optimization of medical resources allocation and innovation of public health governance system from microcosmic aspect under the background of Wise Information Technology of 120.

Prof. Shan and her team’s case: Commit to Local Poverty Alleviation with Yugong’s Determination: Exploration and Experience from Gansu Province intends to choose "poverty alleviation and relocation”, “lifting women out of poverty” and “poverty alleviation in ethic areas” as sub-cases and introduce the  exploration and efforts made in key poverty alleviation projects, poverty alleviation of special groups and poverty alleviation in specific areas in the Province, displaying difficulties met in organization, policy and practice and responses to them in a thorough way with the hope to provide experience, analysis and dissection for reduction of poverty in the nation.

The approval of the submissions has demonstrated the high sense of social responsibility of LUSM faculty and the comprehensive strength of its discipline. Based on the application requirements of encouraging experts to work with administration departments, industry organizations and other experts in related research fields, Prof. Wang has invited scholars and practitioners from LUSM, School of Basic Medical Sciences, LZU and Gansu Provincial Hospital to involve in the application. Prof. Shan worked with her colleagues as well as experts from Gansu Poverty Alleviation Office, Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission and Gansu Women’s Federation. Multidisciplinary and cross-industry research team will ensure the high-quality completion of the cases.