Welcome, New LUSMers!

Author:Lei Jieni, Zhang Lingling Translator:Yan Xuefei Source:Student Affairs Office, Professional Degree Education Center Reviewer: View: Updated:2020.09.16 Font Size:T T T

We’ve been into September, finally, after spending several particularly turbulent months due to the COVID-19. As we get used to the new normal, the new academic year launch its journey as promised. September, as a harvest season, always comes with rays of niceness and newness, so do the newcomers. LUSM is honored to extend the warm welcome to 804 newly enrolled students to our community, including 239 undergraduates, 99 postgraduates, 24 PhD students, and 442 professional-degree graduates.

On the morning of September 12, the welcoming ceremony for graduates was held at Chengguan Campus. More than 900 participants presented the ceremony, including the leadership team of Honorary Dean Bao Guoxian, Dean He Wensheng, Associate Dean Wu Jianzu, Wang Xuejun, Miao Xuliang and Li Yanxia, and representatives of faculty and newly enrolled students.


Dean He Wensheng greeted the newcomers and sent best wishes to all. During his speech, he introduced the development and achievements in LUSM, and raised expectations and requirements as: 1) bravely taking responsibilities with strong sense of patriotism; 2) firmly engaging in life-long learning; and 3) proactively participating in globalization. Prof. Zhang Guoxing, as the faculty representative, hoped that all students could be diligent, realistic and enterprising, cherish the time in LZU, and strive for a better future. Then, student representatives made speeches respectively.


On the morning of September 14, the welcoming ceremony for undergraduates was held at Yuzhong Campus (undergraduate campus), along with the participation of the Dean He Wensheng, Associate Dean Wu Jianzu, Wang Xuejun, Miao Xuliang and Li Yanxia, as well as all freshmen and representatives of faculty.


Dean He Wensheng expressed congratulations on the Class of 2024. He introduced the 111-year history of LZU and the development of LUSM, and placed the hopes on newcomers as to be 1) the believer in lifelong learning; 2) the volunteer for new era mission; and 3) the performer of independence and perseverance. Dr. Wang Lei, also the Department Head of Accounting, encouraged students to make a plan for future, and pay attention to the current steps as well. Then, student representatives, Zhang Xinyue and Hu Junxian made speeches respectively.


On the evening of September 12, a gala evening was held by LUSM as a celebration for newcomers to LUSM community, and enjoyed by more than 800 audience. All programs were organized and performed by LUSM students.