The 2020 Presidents’ Summit of MBA Union of Northwest China Was Successfully Held at LZU

Author:Zhang Lingling Translator:Ma Peipei Source:MBA Education Center Reviewer:Wang Xuejun View: Updated:2020.10.28 Font Size:T T T

On October 25th, the 2020 Presidents’ Summit of MBA Union of Northwest China was held at Lanzhou University. The summit was guided by China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee and MBA Union of China, co-hosted by LUSM and MBA Union of Northwest China and co-organized by MBA Education Center and MBA Alliance of Lanzhou University, and Gansu Dadiwan Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Over 100 people including leaders and faculty from business schools in northwest China, presidium of MBA Union of China and regional MBA Union, council members of MBA Union of Northwest China and members of MBA alliances of universities in northwest.


At the opening ceremony, Yao Chengfu, party secretary of LUSM introduced the history of LUSM MBA program and pointed out that the key to development is to respond scientifically and practice actively. Yu Kang, director of MBA Union of Northwest China said in his speech that the expanding of impact of MBA Union of Northwest China proves that a stable development requires unity, and the spirit of “maker”. Li Weihui, executive director of MBA Union of China affirmed the contributions of the northwest union to the development of China Union, pointed out that the northwest union is the founder of the 8 regional union, and highly praised the courage and responsibility of member colleges and universities of the northwest unions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ma Mingjun, the 16th president of the MBA Union of Northwest China gave a speech on MBAer’s responsibility to the nation. He calls on MBA unions to have feelings of home and country while performing their duties and strive to practice the motto of Lanzhou University: to strive unremittingly, to stand out.


At the plenary session, Professor Zhang Ruoyong, the director of LUSM MBA program gave a speech titled MBA Branding in the Digital age: Responsibility and Innovation. In his speech, Prof. Zhang said that with the economic growth in northwest, the demand for high-level management personnel is large, but the MBA admission campaign and branding of business schools were not satisfactory. When trying to meet the demand of the society, we should think what kind of talent we are cultivating and thus put training-high-quality-talent as one of the goals of the program and the training plan should practice “refine the first classroom, broaden the second classroom, and implement the third classroom", so as to cultivate leaders with global perspective, local commitment and social responsibility. Wang Xiaoyan, associate dean of School of Business Xi’an University of Finance and Economics(XAUFE), introduced the MBA program of her business school and said that as a new member of MBA Union of Northwest China, XAUFE Business School have been actively participating in the activities of major MBA unions in China, keeping up with the vision, paying attention to current events, striving to give full play to the advantages of the school in the field of economic management, promoting the sustainable development of business education in northwest, and also looking forward to cooperating with colleges and universities in the region, work together to create the future of China's business education. Li Hao the president of MBA Union of China and the 15th president of MBA Union of Northwest China said that under the guidance of the central government on the development of Northwest China in 2020, Lanzhou University and universities in six provinces in Northwest China have contributed to rapid development of MBA education in Northwest China. United, China's MBA people will be a mass of fire, divided, they will be lonely stars. Mr. Li also gave his best wishes to the development of both MBA northwest union and national union.


In the afternoon, parallel sessions were held: teachers’ forum, presidium meeting, council meeting and secretariat meeting of the northwest union. At the award ceremony in the evening, awards such as "top 10 characteristic business schools", "top 10 new MBA programs", and "excellent MBA instructors" were presented.


The Summit has provided a platform for MBA teachers and students in Northwest China to communicate and enhance understanding of each other, so as to contribute to the development of MBA education in Northwest China.