LUSM Associate Professor Wang Yu Published a Paper in Management World

Author:Wang Yu, Zhang Yu Translator:Ma Peipei Source:Office of Postgraduate Education and Research Reviewer:Wang Xuejun View: Updated:2020.10.29 Font Size:T T T

LUSM associate professor Wang Yu has published a research paper “Research on the Synergistic Effect of R&D Expenditures for IT investment:A Contingent View of Internal Organizational Factors” in Management Word, which is the first time for LUSM faculty and marks a new breakthrough in the scientific research of LUSM.

This paper examines the moderating effect of R&D expenditure on the relationship between IT investment and firm performance, and how this moderating effect varies between state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and non-state-owned enterprises (non-SOEs) with a three-way interaction model. Chinese publicly listed companies on the Shanghai or Shenzhen Stock Exchanges from 2007 to 2015 were selected as the sample.

The empirical results show that (1) IT investment is positively related to firm performance, which indicates the importance of informatization in improving firm performance; (2) R&D expenditure positively moderates the relationship between IT investment and firm performance, which suggests a strong synergy effect of R&D expenditures on IT investment by finding the significant joint effect of IT investment and R&D expenditure on firm performance; (3) the positive moderating effect of R&D expenditures on the relationship between IT investment and firm performance is stronger in non-SOEs than SOEs, which indicates the significant difference in the synergy effect of R&D expenditures on IT investment between non-SOEs and SOEs that is probably due to the inefficiency of SOEs in using R&D.

This paper first provides an important theoretical contribution for firm to combine IT and R&D to improve IT investment performance; Second, helps firm to understand how the joint effect of IT and R&D on firm performance.

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