Graduate Ceremonies for Class of 2021

Author:Zhang Lingling, Zuo Xin;Huo Da, Miao Yuqi, Gu Xinyu Translator:Ma Peipei Source:MBA Education Center, Student Affairs Office Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2021.06.07 Font Size:T T T

Professional Master’s Degree Students

On May 23rd, the graduation ceremony for professional master’s degree students of class of 2021 was held. LUSM leaders, faculty, alumni, students and their family totaled over 500 attended the event. Party secretory Liu Yajun chaired the ceremony.


Do not forget where you come from and keep fighting. Dean He Wensheng expressed hopes for the graduates: care about your country and your families and work hard in the process of national rejuvenation; put a bright light in your heart, be thankful and remember to give back; do not stop learning and seek excellence in the trend, shine and seek win-win; take care of your body, exercise and stay healthy. Dean He concluded his speech by wishing that the gradates should look at the big picture, have big heart, be confident and responsible, never forget their original intention, persevere in struggle, strive for excellence and write their own stories.  


The end of this journey is the beginning of the next. Professor Shao Jianping, the representative of the teachers, hoped that all the students can continue to study for a lifetime, cultivate distinctive thoughts and wisdom, be brave, be good at finding problems from practice, dare to show management knowledge and wisdom in practice, and continue to cultivate the ability of gaining insight into the nature of problems and perception of management wisdom, so as to achieve success.


Dr. Chen Xiangyi, the MBA alumni of the class of 2003 and chairman of the board of supervisors of TianAn Life Insurance Co., Ltd., shared his unforgettable study experience at LZU and career. He also shared his three thoughts with the graduates: lifelong learning and continuous fighting are the foundation of personal progress; respecting market rules and respecting law is the key to personal development; appreciate Alma mater and return to the society when achieve personal success.


Graduate representatives MBA student Zhu Fangfang, MPA student Wang Shuchao, MPAcc student Wang Zuojunming shared the joy and growth of their school life, expressed gratitude to the university, the school and faculty.


On the occasion of graduation, students expressed their gratitude and blessings to LZU and LUSM in various ways. A donation ceremony was also held during the time. MPA graduates donated an eagle statue to the school, EMBA students admitted in 2019 in Shenzhen donated 32,000 yuan, MBA students admitted in 2018 in Guangzhou donated 15,000 yuan.


Undergraduate and academic masters’ students

On June 4th, the graduation ceremony for LUSM undergraduate and academic master’s degree students were held at Yuzhong campus. More than 400 people including leaders from departments of the universities and the school, alumni, faculty, staff and students of the class the 2021 have participated in the ceremony. The ceremony was chaired by Liu Yajun, party secretory of the school.


In his speech, Dean He Wensheng congratulated all the graduates who were about to embark on a new journey of life. He also expressed his gratitude to the teachers and parents who have worked so hard for the growth and development of the students, the alumni from all walks of life and departments of the university who have cared and supported the development of the school. He expressed four hopes to all the graduates: cultivate the spirit of serving the country and the people, develop generous and noble morality, keep striving, and pursuit innovation. Finally, Dean He wished all the graduatesaim high and strive to reach goals; have firm belief and not afraid of hardship; show and distinguish oneself and create new possibilities in the permanent struggle!


Professor Liu Wumei, the representative of the faculty hoped that the students can embark on the new journey of life with gratitude, courage and humility. She wished all the graduate a bright future and looked forward to their return with honor. Zhou Xiaorui, representative of undergraduate graduates, Hua Xinyi, representative of masters student, and Guan Bin, representative of doctoral graduates gave their speeches in turn. They recalled their study at LZU and thanked the university, the school and their teachers. They also expressed that as graduates of Lanzhou University, they would bear in mind the entrust of the school in their future life. With their own practical actions to bravely shoulder the responsibility of the time, continue to write colorful youth chapters.


Alumni representatives, Xu Kai, undergraduate student of the class of 2006 in Information management and information system and the president of Xi 'an Oilfield Service Information Technology Co., LTD congratulated the graduates and called on students to keep in mind the belief and responsibility of LUSMer, don't forget the beginner's mind and fight, insist on the motto of the university "to strive unremittingly, to stand out” and return with a young heart after years of fighting.



Congratulations class of 2021. Good luck on your new journeys.