Innovative Platform for Integration Between Industry and Education and Collaborative Education

Author:Yang Li Translator:Ma Peipei Source:Research Center of Budget Performance Management Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2021.09.26 Font Size:T T T

On 24th September, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation on integration of industry & education and collaborative education among LUSM, Research Center of Budget Performance Management, Lanzhou University and two well-known enterprises in budget performance management and evaluation in China, Shanghai Wenzheng Management Consulting Co., Ltd and Gansu Daorui Technology Consultation Co., Ltd was held in Lanzhou University. Liu Guoyong, president of Shanghai Wenzheng, Feng Yongguang, president of Gansu Daorui and its general manager Jin Jingyi as well as LUSM dean He Wensheng, deputy party secretary Li Yanxia, associate dean Wang Xuejun and Zhao Yanhai, faculty representative Prof. Ding Zhigang, and nearly 30 graduate students attended the meeting. The activity was chaired by Wang Xuejun.


Dean He first briefly introduced the background of the ceremony, emphasized that the strategic cooperation is a positive response of LUSM to the current higher education to strengthen the cultivation concept of " integration between industry and education and collaborative education". He hopes that the school and research center of LZU can give full play to the advantages of public administration disciplines, talent training, scientific research and social services, and join hands with Wenzheng and Daorui, to build a strategic cooperation community including people in the theoretical and practical circles of budget performance management, so as to make positive contributions to deepen the academic research, promote the reform and practice of budget performance management.

Mr. Liu introduced the establishment process of Shanghai Wenzheng to the guests, and elaborated on the core concept, business segment, key work and consideration for future development of the company. He expressed his gratitude to LUSM for its trust and looked forward to the important achievements of the strategic cooperation between the two sides. Mr. Feng introduced the development process, organizational structure and business development of Gansu Daorui, and put forward sincere hope and useful suggestions for cooperation with the school and the research center of Lanzhou University. Dean He also introduced in detail the development history, faculty & talent training and scientific research of the school, and stated clear expectations for future cooperation. He hopes to work with the two enterprises to provide high-quality internship, training and employment opportunities for students of LUSM and carry out subject research and project cooperation with teachers of the school, achieving win-win results.

On behalf of the school, Li Yanxia signed student internship base agreement with Shanghai Wenzheng, and Dean He, as director of the budget performance management research center, signed a MOU on strategic cooperation with the two companies on behalf of the center.



After the signing ceremony, the participants discussed on the theme of "integration of industry and education and collaborative education". The two sides had fruitful exchanges and interactions on student training, subject research and scholarship funding. Mr. Liu, Mr. Feng, associate dean Wang and Zhao said that they would bring their respective advantages to full play, deeply connect the resources of the school and enterprises, build a tripartite strategic cooperation platform. Practical cooperation will be carried out in the development and reform of budget performance management courses, internship and employment of students, academic research, and construction of high-level talent pool.

Dean Wang made a concluding speech, saying that the signing is a new starting point for cooperation between university and enterprise and created a new mechanism for the integration of industry and education in the school. He hopes to continuously strengthen the in-depth cooperation of all parties in the future and fully highlight the innovative concept of higher education in the new era of " integration between industry and education and collaborative education".


The successful signing ceremony of this strategic cooperation provides a new attempt to explore the multi-level, multi-form and multi-field cooperation mechanism between universities and enterprises, schools and enterprises, and strengthens complementarities in resources and advantages of the two. It is important for promoting the construction of first-class disciplines in public administration of LZU in the future and practicing the fundamental task of establishing moral integrity in cultivation. It is of great significance to strengthen the existing advantages in the research field of government performance management, vigorously expand budget performance management and achieve more and more influential results.