A Framework Agreement signed with Sinopec Fifth Construction Co. Ltd.

Author:Li Xuan Translator:Yan Xuefei Source:EDP Center Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2021.10.16 Font Size:T T T

On the morning of Oct.13, Sinopec Fifth Construction Co. Ltd. (hereafter as the Company) and LUSM signed a framework agreement for strategic cooperation.


Delegates from both sides included Shi Kun, Deputy Chief Economist and General Manager of Lanzhou Branch of the Company; Wang Xin, Head of the Training Center of the Company; Zhao Deshun, Deputy Head of the Training Center of the Company; Liu Yajun, Party Secretary of LUSM; He Wensheng, Dean of LUSM; Li Zhiyuan, chairman of LUSM labor union; Chang Tao, Head of LUSM Administration Office; Lu Jing, Secretary of Youth League Committee of LUSM; and Li Xuan and Hou Mawenjing from EDP Center.


From the left, He Wensheng, Liu Yajun and Shi Kun 

During the signing ceremony, Shi Kun introduced the development history, traditional and new business modules, employees’ structure and trainings of the Company, and expressed the wish to work with LUSM and carry out more trainings to improve the employee’s abilities as well as the management skills. He Wensheng extended warm welcome to the delegates of the Company. According to him, the Company, as a pioneer and leading enterprise in petrochemical industry in China, is also a brave practitioner in the SOE structural reform in the 1990s. He said it would be a great opportunity to work with the Company and march towards a new level of university-enterprise cooperation.

Then, Shi Kun and He Wensheng signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. The agreement would initiate the cooperation on management personnel training, enterprise management consulting, course design and development, student placement, and so on.