“New Silk Road” Accounting Forum Held by LUSM

Author:Jiang Qingjuan, Zhou Yuhan Translator:Yan Xuefei Source:Administration Office Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2021.11.02 Font Size:T T T

On Oct.30, “New Silk Road” Accounting Forum (hereafter as the Forum) was held successfully online. As the joint efforts of the Forum Council, LUSM, and China CFO Development Center, the Forum had more than 260 experts, faculties and students participated in, mostly from Renmin University of China, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Chongqing University, Sichuan University, Lanzhou University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shihezi University, Southwest University, Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, and so on. The current Forum, as its fifth one,themed at “The Innovation of Accounting Theories and Reforms on Education under the Goal of ‘Double Carbon’”. The total number of livestreaming views reached more than 100,000.

He Wensheng, Dean of LUSM, and Tang Xuesong, Council member of the Forum, as asll as the Associate Dean of School of Accounting, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, addressed the opening ceremony. Wang Lei, Head of Department of Accounting of LUSM presided over the ceremony.

During the keynote speech session, Prof. Xu Nianhang from Renmin University of China, Prof. Tian Gaoliang from Xi’an Jiaotong University, and Prof. Liu Bin from Chongqing University shared their research with all participants, on topic as “Progress in Climate Finance Research”, “Study on the New Paradigm of Production-Education Integration and Collaborative Talent Training in the Age of Digital Intelligence”, and “Can Deregulation of Short Selling Restrain the Leverage Amplification Effect of Enterprise Group?”, respectively. Prof. Tang Xuesong, Prof. Zeng Hong from Chongqing University, and Prof. Wang Fangjun from Xi’an Jiaotong University, as the session moderators, share their comments on the speeches with the audience.

In the afternoon parallel sessions, 8 reports were delivered by Dr. Guo Shijun from Chongqing University, Associate Research Fellow Liu Baohua from Sichuan University, Assistant Professor Zhao Keyi from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Dr. Cai Changbin from Shihezi University, Dr. Xie Guanghua from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Associate Prof. Lin Yan from Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, Dr. Sun Junqin from Lanzhou University, and Dr. Lou Jing from Southwest University, on topics as “Media Ownership and Media Coverage”, “Internal Control and Business Credit”, “Language Characteristics of CSR Disclosure”, “Hybrid Equity and Enterprise Innovation Choice”, “Smart City Construction and Enterprise Cooperation and Innovation”, “Hierarchy of Corporate Political Connection and Product Market Competition”, “Types of Employees and Labor Stickiness”, and “Institutional Shareholdings and Stock Price Synchronicity”.

Then at the discussion session, around the topic “Practice of Accounting Discipline Construction under ‘New Liberal Arts’”, 7 guests were invited to share their views, including Prof. Wang Fangjun from Xi’an Jiaotong University, Prof. Zhang Jinruo from Chongqing University, Assoc. Prof. Lai Li from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Assoc. Prof. Jin Fan from Northwestern Polytechnical University, Prof. Liu Chang from Shihezi University, Assoc. Prof. Wang Liangcheng from Sichuan University, and Assoc. Prof. Wang Lei from Lanzhou University. This session was chaired by Prof. Wu Haomin from Yunnan University of Finance and Economics.

At the closing ceremony, Shihezi University was confirmed as the host of the 2022 Forum.