SHA Yongzhong

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Sha Yongzhong , doctoral supervisor, got his PhD degree from Wuhan University. He is a model with professional ethics at LZU. He is a Leading Talent of Gansu Province and is selected to be in the “New Century Outstanding Talents” scheme of the Ministry of Education. Prof. Sha now serves as the Chief Librarian of Lanzhou University, a member of the Academic Committee of School of Management, Director of the Institute of Crisis Information Management and deputy director of CCLGPE. He is a member of Library Science Teaching Guidance Committee of higher education institution. He is also the commissioner of the Guidance Committee for Library Science Education in College and Universities of Ministry of Education, executive director of the China Society of Indexers, deputy director of Committee of Information Study and Consultation of China Science and Technology Information Society, Director of China Library Association, Director of Institute of Government Performance Management of China, associate editor-in-chief of Books and Information, editor of Information and Science, Journal of Information Resources Management, Journal of Lanzhou University, Evaluation and Management, and Gansu Technology, Panelist of Expert Group for Emergency Management of Gansu Provincial Government as well as the convener of comprehensive management field, member of expert committee of Gansu Disaster Reduction Commission, Deputy President of Gansu Provincial Library Society, Executive Director of Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Information Society and Director of Gansu Provincial Management Society.
Research Fields:
Public information management, web information metrics and management, public crisis management, government performance management,  enterprise informatization and knowledge management.