Pan Shiyi Attended the LUSM Entrepreneurs’ Forum

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On May 30, invited by Dean Bao Guoxian of the School of Management, Pan Shiyi, co-founder and Chairman of property developer Soho China Ltd. attended the LUSM Entrepreneurs’ Forum as a guest speaker.  Mr Pan exchanged the ideas with faculties and students on the topic of “ Education, Honesty and Life”.


At 9:30, over thousand faculties and students attended the forum with all seats occupied. He Xin, the deputy dean of LUSM presided over the forum. Mr Pan actively interacted with students during the report.


At the forum, Mr. Pan shared his experience and lessons from three aspects: education, honesty and life. He considered that the change of a person, a family and a society could only be achieved through education and he made a special mention of global vision. 

 "If someone is to limit the price, no matter limit ceiling price or the floor price, it is just gangster logic”, Mr. Pan answered when asked to express his view about some local government’s measure of price reduction limit on real estate market. He claimed," the commodity turnover was decided by supply and demand, which was the basic law of economics. China has practiced the market economy for more than 30 years while some people still don’t understand this principle with limiting the price now and then."

When talked about the opinion of the housing market hitting an iceberg during his speech in Tsinghua University, Mr. Pan said that he was telling the truth and only honesty could lead to success and gain other's trust. It doesn’t matter to misspeak or speak with whatever accent. It is not telling a lie that matters.


In response to the question of many overseas Chinese students unwilling to come back, he said, ”the development of a society is the development of the whole. A man should keep an open mind no matter where he stays. At my early age, my hometown is Panjizhai Village in Tianshui City, Gansu Province. Since I went far, my hometown was the vast China and today, my hometown is the globe. Each step in science and technology, human relations and political system deserves the elation of everyone.”