Zhongming Wang,AMBA International Advisor for China,paid periodic re-accreditation visit

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On 8th—9th, July, Zhongming Wang, the AMBA International Advisor for China, came for a periodic re-accreditation visit to  the School of Management.

In the morning of 9th, the school held a meeting about AMBA re-accreditation, Dean Guoxian Bao and faculty of the school attended the meeting.

During the meeting, Dean Bao expressed thanks to Prof. Wang for his visit, and mentioned that after AMBA accreditation, the school has made a great progress in the fields of talents cultivation, scientific research, society service, and cultural development, etc. AMBA accreditation made the school have a more complete value system and a clearer strategy. In the future, the school will work harder to promote the quality of works.

Professor  Wang responded that Lanzhou University was being an active participator and fast developer after it became AMBA member. With Dean Bao’s lead, the school sees international accreditation as a way to promote itself, determined to play a more important role in the The Silk Road Alliance. Besides, Professor Wang also made some comments and suggestions on the school’s AMBA reaccreditation.

In the end, Yanhai Zhao, associate professor and the deputy director of MBA Program introduced the changes the school has made after gotten AMBA accreditation.