Your Guide at LUSM

Author:Sun Lirong Translator:Ma Peipei Source:Office of Student Affairs, Office of Undergraduate Education Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2021.11.23 Font Size:T T T

In order to provide guidance and direction of development for LUSM undergraduate students, LUSM organized 9 communication activities which brought leaders of the school close to students.

On November 15th, associate dean Zhao Yanhai, met students online under the theme of “international exchange and improvement of international ability". Dean Zhao shared his ten years studying experience in France and gave advises on how to know oneself, set goals and make right decisions as well as preparation for studying abroad. He stressed the importance of expanding international vision and improving of communication ability.

On November 17th, dean He Wensheng talked with students virtually on the topics of how to conquer ones’ weakness, how to understand the frontiers of the subject, how to manage time, etc. Dean He encouraged students to broaden their practice perspectives, use digital media to read journals on management and called on senior students to think and make plans for future development in advance, either pursuing further study or seeking employment.

On November 19th, associate dean Wu Jianzu, communicated with students face to face at Yuzhong campus. He listened to students’ ideas on courses studying and responded to their questions on related professional knowledge and advanced mathematics and gave suggestions on how to use mind map and analogy to systemize fragments of knowledge.

The activities provide platform for leadership to know students’ life, study and mind and the school will continue to organize more such activities and invite more faculty to participate.