LUSM Won “Influential MBA Program 2022” Award

Author:Zhang Lingling Translator:Ma Peipei Source:Professional Education Center Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai, Liu Yajun View: Updated:2022.12.04 Font Size:T T T

In order to clarify the direction, exchange ideas and draw the future together, "Management is Productivity: The 2022 CNR News MBA Annual Summit, hosted by CNR News and organized by MBA edu, was successfully held online on December 2nd. The conference was consisted of three parts: keynote speeches by special guests, four parallel forums on "Management is Productivity", "Integration of Industry and Education", "International Accreditation Helps the Development of Business Schools", "Connotative Development and Change of Business Education", and lists release. Leaders from all walks of life, representatives of outstanding business schools gathered together to discuss how business schools can go beyond the tradition and better cultivate business leaders called for by the times under the new situation, so as to achieve leadership in the changing situation.


In order to encourage business schools to stick to the original intention of MBA education, continue to reform and innovate, and build leaders of business education with industry influence, the conference released the awards of Outstanding Influential MBA Program and Brand Strength School of Business Education in 2022, etc. The MBA programs of 15 universities, including Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, Tongji University and Lanzhou University, were awarded the "Outstanding Influential MBA Program 2022".



Approved in 1997, the MBA program of Lanzhou University is rooted in the centennial university and has been growing rapidly in the innovative development of the School of Management. The MBA education of LZU has always been adhering to the educational mission of establishing virtues and cultivating people, staying true to the original aspiration and forging ahead, keeping pace with the development of the times and the social needs, bearing and reflecting the national "Belt and Road" Initiative and the "Western Development" strategy, closely following the development trend of commercial applications of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and other information technology, and focusing on professional depth and industry vision. Taking into account systematic theoretical study and practical problem orientation, it aims to cultivate comprehensive management talents who understand cross-management scenarios, have international vision and attachment to the homeland for the economic and social development of China, especially the western region.

The MBA education in China is oriented towards the main economic battlefield and the major needs of the country. Through continuous exploration, it has found a road of education with Chinese characteristics and cultivated and delivered a large number of high-level management talents for the society. Based on the current situation and facing the future, this summit aimed to seek the new development of Chinese business schools under the new situation through the sharing of excellent business education views and exchange of successful experience, send out the strongest voice of MBA education, and jointly meet the new practice, new demand and new mission of business education in the new era. As a national key news website sponsored by the China Media Group, CNR News has always paid close attention to the development of China's education cause, and together with MBA edu-the whole industry chain media service platform of business schools to promote the reform and innovation of China's business education.