PhD Candidate of LUSM Attended the 1st International Forum on Corporate Governance and Global Innovation Network in the New Era and Awarded Prize

Author:Luo Jinbo Translator:Wu Rui Source:Administration Office Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2023.11.10 Font Size:T T T

From November 3 to 4, 2023, supported by renowned journals worldwide in finance study such as International Review of Financial Analysis, Financial Research Letters, and three Chinese journals including Auditing Research etc., the 1st International Forum on Corporate Governance and Global Innovation Network in the New Era was held in Chongqing at Southwest University of Political Science and Law. Scholars, faculty members and students from more than 50 colleges and universities participated in the forum. Guo Chun, a PhD candidate of LUSM in financial accounting from Prof. Luo Jinbo’s team, attended the forum and made academic exchanges with other participants. The paper Do Supply Chain Policies Induce Cooperative Green Innovation? Evidence from China’s Supply Chain Innovation and Application Pilot, reported by Guo Chun has been awarded the Outstanding Paper of the forum.


The research in related area is led by Prof. Luo Jinbo’s team of LUSM and Prof. Tian Gang of Macquarie University, Australia. Based on China's supply chain innovation and application pilot policy introduced in 2018, the research report is a quasi-natural experiment to explore the impact of government supply chain policies on enterprises' collaborative green innovation. The study found that supply chain policies improved collaborative green innovation among enterprises in the pilot cities by leveraging supply chain integration and financing effects, and further promoted green supply chain management among enterprises. The awarded paper enriches the literature on macro supply chain policies affecting enterprise’s collaborative green innovation and provides useful insights for China’s government to promote supply chain innovation and application policies. Participating in the forum and winning the outstanding paper award demonstrates the great growth potential of the first-level discipline of business administration in LUSM in academic research and talent cultivation, and also shows to peers from home and abroad the good achievements and professional style of the discipline development in its research direction of accounting and financial management, the progress in graduate student enrollment and other aspects of LUSM.