LUSM Welcomed Onsite LZU Panel Review for Undergraduate Education Quality Audit and Evaluation

Author:Xu Jing Translator:Wu Rui Source:Office of Undergraduate Education Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2024.04.01 Font Size:T T T

From March 20 to 29, 2024, LUSM welcomed the new round of LZU Panel Review for the MOE Undergraduate Education Quality Audit and Evaluation. The Panel, headed by Prof. Tian Zhonghe, a member of LZU Teaching Guidance Committee, with PRof. Liu Guanghua from the School of Law, Prof. Jia Hongwen from the School of Economics, Prof. Wang Sihai from the School of Politics and International Relations, Prof. Bi Yanjie from the Department of Sports Teaching and Research,  Ms. Chen Yajuan from the Institute of Higher Education, and Ms. Cao Yue from the Academic Affairs Office as members, visited LUSM and conducted in-depth guidance and communication on the Schools work on undergraduate education and teaching, and talent cultivation.


On the afternoon of March 20, a symposium chaired by Prof. He Wensheng, Dean of LUSM was held. Zhao Yanhai, Associate Dean, LI Yanxia, Deputy Secretary of LUSM CPC Committe, faculty representatives, teaching secretariesm and student counselors attneded the meeting. During the symposium, Zhao Yanhai and Li Yanxia respectively introduced briefly the comprehensive reform of LUSMs undergraduate education and teaching, and the work of welcoming the audit and evalution. On behalf of the Panel, Prof. Tian Zhonghe fully affirmed the preparatory work of the School in the early stage of data preparation, and gave feedbacks on some common problems found during the on-line assessment stage. Prof. Tian said that taking with the guiding ideology and principles of promoting the high-quality development of undergraduate education as its fundamental goal, the audit and evalution accurately aligns with the index system, systematically tests and summatizes the past schooling experience of LUSM, and highly condeses the characteristics and highlights of education and teaching of both LZU and LUSM. It is hoped that LUSM can implement and rectify the relevant problems, and truly combine the audit and evaluation with the Schools high-quality development.


Prof. He Wensheng made a statement on behalf of LUSM. He pointed out that the Undergraduate Education Quality Audit and Evaluation is a systematic diagnosis of all aspects of regulations, norms and operations related to LUSMs undergraduate education and teaching in the past, and LUSM should benchmark with advanced universities at home and abroad, and seriously summarize its education and teaching experience to clear the gaps and weakness. He expressed sincerely the hope to the Panel to objectively point out the problems and deficiencies of the School, and provide valuable suggestions and recommendations for the Schools next rectification and development. Subsequently, the expert group conducted individual interviews with the leaders of the School and representatives of its faculty members.


On the morning of March 21, the Panel visited LUSM, inspected teaching materials of education plan, course papers, graduation thesis, regulations, and other documents, and carried out in-depth inspection and guidance in termas of AOL capacities, education level, and the comprehensive reform of teaching and learning. Associate Dean Zhao Yanhai, Teaching Secretary Xu Jing, and Sun Lirong accompanied the inspection. From March 28 to 29, the Panel went to Yuzhong Campus, listened lectures and carried out interviews with student and counselor representatives on education plan, curriculum teaching, internship training and other aspects.


Taking the onsite visit as an opportunity, LUSM will deeply implement the fundamental task of fostering students virtue integrity through education to continue to revise the self-audit report,  clarify supporting materials, and rectify and implement the problems raised by the expert group and the problems found in the self-assessment as soon as possible. In addition, the School will carry out in-depth research and analysis on the construction of basic materials of the curriculum, the quality of teaching and the enhancement of the level of teaching and learning management, etc., so as to practically push forward the enhancement of the effectiveness of the management of education and the governance of education.