Events on Broad of Directors Transition of LZU’s Alumni Association Sub-branch in Management and Alumni Networking Held

Author:Yao Xuehui, Li Yanxia Translator:Wu Rui Source:Alumni Service and Career Development Center Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2024.03.29 Font Size:T T T


On March 23rd, Broad of Directors Transition of LZUs Alumni Association Sub-branch in Management and Alumni Networking were held in Lanzhou. Cao Hong, Vice President of LZU,  Mr. Jin Xingyi, Honorary President, Mr. Shang Feng, President of Lanzhou Alumni Association for the Promotion of Science, Technology, Economy and Culture (hereinafter referred to as Lanzhou Alumni Association, LZAA), Prof. Bao Guoxian, Honorary Dean, Prof. He Wensheng, Dean of LUSM, Liu Yajun, Secretary of LUSM CPC Committee, Ma Longquan, Secretary of LUSE CPC Committee and Chief of LZU Financial Department, Qi Jinbo, Director of LZU Office of Alumni Association, special guests, faculty representatives, members of the Broad of Directors of the branch of Alumni Associations, and alumni representatives in Lanzhou attended the event.


On behalf of LZU, Cao Hong congratulated the successful convening of the general meeting and extended a warm welcome to the alumni and guests attending the event. She mentioned that the year 2024 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and the 115th anniversary of the founding of the university, which of special significance for the development of the cause of LZU. She reviewed LZUs development achievements in the past year, thanked the alumni for their positive contributions, and affirmed the alumni work of LUSMS. She hoped that Lanzhou Alumni Association would take the change of broad of directors as a new starting point, continue to take its charge of emotional ties and platform links between alumni and the alma mater, and promote the common development of alumni and LUSMs endeavors.


On behalf of LZAA, Jin Xingyi read out the Approval on the Broad of Directors Transition of LZAA. Mr. Tian Guoqi, the Secretary General of the First Board of LZAA and the Chairman of Lanzhou Wuzhou Ma Trading Limited Liability Company, made a working report to the General Assembly on the work carried out in the past few years and the financial income and expenditure.


With the approval of the list of members of the second Broad, Mr. Nan Zhenqi, a 2009 EMBA alumnus of LUSM, and the chairman of Lanzhou Net Digital Comany selected as the chairman of the board. In his statement, Mr. Nan expressed his gratitude to LZU and the alumni for their careful cultivation and trust. He said that the new broad will lead all the members to assist the development of both LZU and LUSM.


Prof. Bao Guoxian, Party Secretary Liu Yajun, and LZAA President Shang Feng delivered speeches respectively. Bao reviewed the history of LUSM and the development progress of the alumni work, annd expressed his confidence for the new Broad in the future. Liu expressed his heartfelt thanks to the previous broad members for their hard work and heartfelt congratulations to the new members. Shang congratulated the smooth transition of the broad, and shared his experience of working in the alumni association and the next step of the work plan.


At the event, the leaders and guests also awarded appointment certificates to the representatives of the second batch of graduate industry mentors and alumni mentors of LUSM.


During the guest keynote session, around the theme of new quality productive forces, Mr. Chen Xiangyi, chairman of LZUs Alumni Association Beijing Sub-branch in Management, and the chairman of Beijing Gaoliang Private Equity Fund Management Company, and Dean He Wensheng presented speeches with the topic of "New Quality Productive Forces in Financial Services-Reform of China's Securities Market" and "New Quality Productive Forces and the Development of Private Enterprises in Gansu"respectively.