School of Public Affairs Zhejiang University Visited LUSM

Author:Deng Jie Translator:Yin Yanqing Source:Administration Office Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2023.05.09 Font Size:T T T

On May 7, there are 7 delegates from School of Public Affairs Zhejiang University came to LUSM for discussion and exchange, including Dean Zhao Zhirong, Yao Chen, Deputy Secretary of CPC Committee & Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhang Yuehua, Head of Department of Social Security and Risk Management, Xu Yuanshuo, Deputy Director of China Institute of Urbanization, Chen Siyao, Director of Administration Office, Shao Ming, Director of Postgraduate Student Office. Liu Yajun, Secretary of LUSM CPC Committee, He Wensheng, Dean of LUSM, Li Yanxia, Deputy Secretary of LUSM CPC Committee, Zhang Guoxing, Associate Dean of LUSM, Chang Tao, Deputy Secretary of LUSM CPC Committee & Associate Dean of LUSM, Lang Mei, Head of Department of Public Administration, Wang Xuejun and Sun Fei, faculty representatives, Directors of Office of General Administration and relevant staff attended the meeting. It was presided over by He Wensheng.


He Wensheng warmly welcomed Zhao Zhirong and other delegates, and introduced LUSM’s “Four strategies”, discipline construction, faculty structure, talent education, scientific research, international exchanges & cooperation, and social services. He said that LUSM has developed well in recent years, making significant breakthroughs in key school-running indicators. The cohesion and sense of belonging of teachers and students have been continuously enhanced.


Zhao Zhirong gave an introduction to the featured work carried out by School of Public Affairs Zhejiang University in team construction, talent education, discipline construction, scientific research and other aspects.

The participants had a thorough discussion and exchange on the integration of party building and business, organized scientific research, teaching and research organization construction, and student employment & further education.


The visiting activity is seen as a new beginning for cooperation between the two schools. In the future, both sides will be committed to cultivating new generations who can shoulder the responsibility of national rejuvenation, and enhancing opportunities for exchanges and visits, so as to achieve common development through cooperation.


The delegates from School of Public Affairs Zhejiang University also visited Gansu Provincial Museum and the history museum of Lanzhou University .