8th International Conference on Government Performance Management and Leadership Held in LZU

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On December 16 to 17, the 8th International Conference on Government Performance Management and Leadership (hereafter as “the Conference” or “GPML 2023”) was successfully held in a hybrid mode, as a joint effort of LUSM and China Research Center for Government Performance Management and School of Management at Lanzhou University, wih the theme of “Transformation of Government Performance Management and Leadership Challenges in the Era of Data Intelligence”. GPML 2023 has attracted more than 100 experts and scholars, editors-in-chief of core journals, and representatives of practical realms from institutions and universities including Chinese Public Administration Society, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Tianjin University, American University, The City University of New York, Korea University, State Taxation Administration, National Health Commission, the Office of the Leading Group of the Performance Appraisal of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, and the Horizon Research Consultancy Group attended the Conference in person, and a total of 12889 viewers watched the Conference through live stream.

Prof. Sha Yongzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of LZU, Prof. Zhou Zhiren, member of the Academic Advisory Board of the Chinese Public Administration Society and professor of the School of Government of Peking University, and Prof. Bao Guoxian, representative of the host institution, Honorary Dean of the LUSM, and the Director of China Research Center for Government Performance Management attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. The opening ceremony was presided over by He Wensheng, Dean of LUSM.


Opening ceremony

During the keynote speech session, 19 experts and scholars delivered speeches on the topics of “The Modernization Transformation of Government Performance Management”, “Data Intelligence-Driven Government Performance Governance”, “Government Performance Management and High Quality Development”, with the aim to seeking effective paths to systematically improve public leadership through the theoretical and methodological innovations in government performance governance in the context of the Digital Intelligence Era, and contributing academic wisdom to cracking the old and new problems faced by the government governance and social governance on this basis.


keynote speech

Themed on “Big Data and Total Budget Performance Management” and “Rethinking Public Performance Management”, two Round Table Forum were held during the Conference. Among them, the former focuses on the theoretical hotspots and practical experience of budget performance management in the era of big data, while the latter centers on the innovative frontiers of public performance management.

During the Parallel Forums, more than 50 scholars from well-known universities across China exchanged the latest practical progress and theoretical research results in the field of public performance governance around the topics of "Innovation in Local Government Performance", "Government Performance Management under the Guidance of Public Values", "Performance Motivation and Accountability Government Performance Management", "Grassroots Government Performance Governance", "Budget Performance Management and Technology based Governance", "Public Sector Performance Management and Building of Service-oriented Government", "Government Performance Management Enabled by New Technology", and "Government Performance Evaluation Drived by Data Intelligence".


Parallel Forum

At the closing ceremony, which chaired by Dr. Ma Xiang, Deputy Director of China Research Center for Government Performance Management, Prof. Hu Xiangming of the School of Public Administration of Beihang University presented a closing report entitled “Performance Evaluation Innovation of Local Governments’ Social Security Governance under the Guidance of the Principle Of People First”, Dr. Wei Wenchi of School of Public Administration and Policy of Renmin University of China, Prof. Wang Xuejun, Head of Social Seiences Administration of LZU, and Prof. Bao Guoxian, Director of China Research Center for Government Performance Management summarized the Conference from diversified perspectives.


Closing ceremony

As a collaboration initiated in 2009 with the joint efforts of Lanzhou University in China, Portland State University in the US, and Waseda University in Japan, GPML is a bi-annual conference with 7 successful experiences over past years, developing academic impact and appeal to some extend in the field of public management worldwide. By focusing on innovative and sustainable solutions to significant issues in government performance management, GPML is designed to gather leading scholars and practitioners in the field.


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