Shenzhen Philanthropist Chen Xingjia Visited LUSM and Delivered Speech

Author:Peng Hongjiu, Huo Da, Li Yanxia Translator:Yin Yanqing Source:Undergraduate Leadership and Social Responsibility Development Center Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2023.12.25 Font Size:T T T


On the morning of December 21, the delegation led by Chen Xingjia, the founder of the Shenzhen Ever Care Charity Foundation (hereafter “the Foundation”)  and Chairman of Xian Foundation for Rural Development, and Wang Pantao, Director General of the Foundation visited LUSM to carry out cooperation and exchanges. Bao Guoxian, Honorary Dean of LUSM, Liu Yajun, Secretary of LUSM CPC Committee, Li Yanxia, Deputy Secretary of LUSM CPC Committee, Chang Tao, Deputy Secretary of LUSM CPC Committee and the Associate Dean of LUSM, and faculty representatives Ma Xiang, Guan Bin, Guo Shenghao, and Liu Ning participated in the meeting. It was presided over by Associate Dean Zhao Yanhai.


Chen Xingjia presented the development of domestic and international public welfare and charity foundations, providing an overview of the establishment background, project operations, and development of the Foundation. The focus was on outlining the foundations future vision for development and its strategic cooperation with LUSM.


The reform and development of the Undergraduates Model Program of Leadership and Social Responsibility was introduced by Zhao Yanhai, with a focus on the cultivation objectives, teaching reforms, innovative mechanisms, as well as promotion and application. Ma Xiang introduced the construction of the Research Center for Chinese Government Performance Management from the aspects of orientation and objectives, development lineage, achievements and social services, academic community building and talent cultivation. 

The two sides carried out full exchanges and discussions on cooperation matters in the areas of student internships and employment, volunteer activities, customized training for employees, and cooperation in subject research, and clarified the initiatives for practical collaboration.


At the meeting, Liu Yajun and Wang Pantao, on behalf of both sides, formally initiated the strategic cooperation by signing a memorandum of strategic cooperation. Bao Guoxian presented Chen Xingjia with an appointment letter as a consultant and mentor for the Undergraduate Leadership and Social Responsibility Development Center. Li Yanxia awarded the Foundation with a plaque designating it as a LUSM’s internship base.



In the afternoon, in the lecture hall of library of Yuzhong Campus, Chen Xingjia visited Undergraduate Leadership and Social Responsibility Development Center, and made a report for more than 400 teachers and students, including all kinds of trainees, student representatives of LUSM and School of Philosophy and Sociology. It was chaired by Prof. Bao Guoxian.


Chen Xingjia shared his personal experience and the initial intention to devote himself to public welfare, the journey of founding the foundation, and the foundation’s commitment to the critical illnesses relief of adolescents in underdeveloped areas, and the experience of caring for health and education. He also introduced the vision of adolescent mental health care project “Mockingbird Public Welfare Project” and the “Children Leukemia Care” program to be launched in Gansu in 2023. He inspired students by sharing his personal entrepreneurial experiences, thereby fostering their future growth. The presentation lasted for more than 2 hours, and students actively participated in the interactive session and exchanged ideas with Chen Xingjia.


Prof. Bao Guoxian summarized the meeting, hoping that students would value the important role of faith, mission, morality and love in their lives.