Faculty Members of LUSM Attended the ELI Case Method Certificate Program

Author:Yin Jie Translator:Wu Rui Source:Professional Degree Education Center Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2024.03.13 Font Size:T T T

From March 3 to 9, the ELI Global virtual Case Teaching Certificate Program (hereafter “the Program) jointly taught by professors from Harvard University, Stanford University, Northwestern University and Babson College was held as scheduled. A total of 8 faculty members of LUSM participated in the Program.

The Program offers 12 courses that are emphasized with faculty and student interaction, curriculum design, and the integration of research and teaching. Focusing on the relationship between classroom behavior and leadership in organizations, teams, and personal relationships, the courses help participants fully understand the complexities of teaching and management by analyzing the curriculum content, teaching preparation, pre-course time management, and teaching evaluation experiences, with the aim of creating a more uniquely experiential teaching and learning atmosphere.

During the training, the trainees of LUSM have actively engaged in group discussions and interactions by putting forward their insights on innovation and entrepreneurship leadership and teaching methods, and conducting in-depth communication with lecturing professors. The Program is of much beneficial which opened up new ideas for for teachers to further improve their teaching level.