Class Meeting on Undergraduate Model Program of Leadership and Social Responsibility and Seminar on Teaching Plan Held

Author:Xin Xiaoze, Li Yanxia Translator:Wu Rui Source:Undergraduates Leadership and Social Responsibility Development Center Reviewer:Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2024.03.18 Font Size:T T T

On the afternoon of March 14th, the class meeting of the 7th Undergraduate Model Program of Leadership and Social Responsibility (hereafter the Program) and the discussion seminar on training plans was held in the conference room of the Academic Exchange Center at Yuzhong Campus. Prof. Bao Guoxian, Honorary Dean of LUSM, and the Director of Undergraduates Leadership and Social Responsibility Development Center, Li Yanxia, Vice Secretary of LUSM CPC Committee, Zhao Yanhai, associate dean of LUSM, Gao Xuede, LUSM faculty representative, Chen Qiang, Vice Secretary of the School of Earth Science of LZU, and Peng Hongjiu, Xin Xiaoze, the program secretary of the Program attended the event. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Bao Guoxian.


In his speech, Prof. Bao Guoxian emphasized once again the original intention of establishing the Program and the reform ideas for revising the training plans. He reiterated the principle of improving the training plan, which is to implement problem-oriented research-based learning, integration of ability-oriented courses, and practice-oriented project operation. He expressed his gratitude to the students and faculty for presenting valuable suggestions, ideas, and thoughts on the construction of the Program, and put forward hopes and requirements for the students.


Zhao Yanhai introduced the continuous refinement and improvement of the training plan and the course schedule for the spring semester of 2024. Combining with the development of certificate program on Performance Leadership, he explained that the future construction of the training class will mainly focus on four key aspects of programs characteristics, building platforms, evaluation diversity, and common development.


Li Yanxia introduced and arranged specific tasks for the recent work of the Program. She encouraged students to actively participate and make full use of the growth and exercise platform provided by the Program to enhance overall personal qualities through learning and practice.


At the meeting, students and faculty engaged in in-depth discussions on topics such as "improving curriculum system design", "strengthening the construction of new media platforms", "expanding interdisciplinary exchanges", "focusing on excellent traditional culture", "optimizing credit recognition and evaluation", "enhancing communication between newly-enrolled and sophisticated students", and "strengthening the summary of the achievements of the Program". Numerous consensuses have been reached, providing a sound direction for the future development of the Program.


It is reported that the 7th Undergraduate Model Program of Leadership and Social Responsibility started in early November 2023, with 50 students from 20 colleges across the university enrolled. In the spring semester of 2024, through various forms such as reports on frontier themes, mobile classrooms, practical projects, public welfare activities, and study tours, the Program will enhance the effects of talent cultivation with intensive efforts.