Class of 2022 Commencement

Author:Huo Da, Li Yanxia Translator:Ma Peipei Source:Office of Student Affairs Reviewer:Liu Yajun, Zhao Yanhai View: Updated:2022.06.14 Font Size:T T T

On the afternoon of June 9, 2022, the commencement for class of 2022 was grandly held in the Kunlun hall, Yuzhong campus, which was also live-streamed. More than 400 people attended the ceremony, including Zhou Lizhen, director of LZU student affairs office, Zhao Yun, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of the university, Zhao Pengfei, deputy director of the academic affairs office, Du Dangjun, deputy director of the admission office of the graduate school, members of the leadership of LUSM, alumni representatives, faculty and staff representatives, and students of class of 2022. The ceremony was presided over by Li Yanxia, deputy secretary of LUSM party committee.




Then event and atmosphere were heightened by the flash mob of students singing songs expressing nostalgia for their classmates, teachers, and university life. 

In his speech, Dean He Wensheng congratulated all the graduates who were about to embark on a new journey of life, wished and thanked the teachers, parents, and friends who shared their wisdom and worked hard for the growth of the students, and paid tribute to alumniand management departments of the university who cared and supported the development of LUSM. He told all graduates to be broad-minded, looking far ahead and aiming high, to cultivate their moral character, be persistent and move forward with confidence and determination; do not stop learning, dare to take responsibility, and have the courage to explore and innovate,have compassion and humanity and always maintain the characteristics of the school. He also wished the graduates to live up to their youth, work hard and shoulder the mission of the times.


Professor Lang mei, faculty representative, hoped that the class of 2022 would be people who are not easily influenced by others, learn to get along with themselves, have simple relationship and do difficult things, and wished everyone to carry the spirit of LZU, create and experience one highlight after another. Zhang Xinyue, the representative of undergraduate students, and Zhou Hao, academic graduate students’ representative, recalled the beautiful moments during their study in the LUSM, expressed their gratitude to thefaculty and called on all the graduates to carry on the aspirations of their alma mater, continue to learn from the past, keep their enthusiasm and fight in the future jobs and research, striving to achieve the best results. Zhang Xiaohui, the alumni representative, undergraduate of class of 2010 majoring in marketing, and the chairman of Guoying Capital (Shenzhen) made an online speech. Mr. Zhang shared his work and entrepreneurial experience and achievements after graduation, and gave three advise to the class of 2022: follow the spirit of LZU: to strive unremittingly, to stand out, stay positive, remain curious and innovative. He wished all graduates to follow their dreams and create a bright future.


With the sound of music, the representatives of outstanding graduates accepted commemorative certificates and alumni badges. It is hoped that the class of 2022 will take the spirit and honor of LZU, to experience, to create and to shine in a wider world. The students presented flowers to the faculty expressing their gratitude and all the feelings that can not be described by words.



Goodbye Class of 2022 . Someday we will meet again.